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Congratulations to the Spring 2017 EAW Health and Fitness Class! 

Melissa Garrett

Stephanie Reynolds-Goins

Melissa Garrett and Stephanie Reynolds-Goins TIED FOR 1ST PLACE in the spring 2017 12-week weight loss course! They LOST 26 POUNDS EACH! 

Melissa graduated in 2ND PLACE during the fall 2016 weight loss class.  She LOST 15 POUNDS in 12-weeks! 

Stephanie still applies the Biblical principles taught during the class, and she NOW WEARS A SIZE 8!

Kristina Cox

Kristina DROPPED 4 DRESS SIZES during the 12-week weight loss course!  She now wears a SIZE 12, and the best part is, she NO LONGER TAKES CHOLESTEROL MEDICATION!

Rev. Cleo Smith

Jennifer Crane-Key

Rev. Cleo Smith graduated in 2nd Place in the spring 2017 EAW Weight Loss Class.  She LOST 13 POUNDS during the 12-week course. 

Jennifer graduated in 3rd Place in the weight loss class.  She LOST 12 POUNDS during the course!

Congratulations to the EAW Kidz Initiative

1st Place Graduates!

Nedra Clayton and her son, Jayden, are the 1ST PLACE GRADUATES of the EAW Kidz Initiative Weight Loss Class.  They LOST 15 POUNDS EACH during the FIRST 6 WEEKS of the program!

EAW Success Story!

Betty Harrison

In the fall of 2012, the first EAW Weight Loss Class was held.  Betty Harrison, the woman pictured on the right, was in that class.  She still applies the principles she learned during the course to her life.  On December 24, 2016, she sent us this photo with a short message for Christmas.  It said she's LOST 45 MORE POUNDS! 

At EAW Ministries, we praise God for EVERY ounce, inch, and pound lost because we recognize that willpower is weak and the world's methods are ineffective.  Therefore, we give credit where it is due, and thank the Lord for leading us out of the Wilderness of Obesity and ushering us into the Promised Land of Healthy and Fit for Life!

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